Vpon JAPAN Co., Ltd. “Cool Japan DX Summit 2023” Day1 04 Online Talk Session speakers announced!

Vpon JAPAN Co., Ltd.
“Cool Japan DX Summit 2023” Day1 04 Online Talk Session speakers announced! Four key people talk about anime and pilgrimage to sacred places under the theme of “Japanese entertainment”!
The Cool Japan DX Summit Executive Committee (Operating Office: Vpon JAPAN Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yoshitaka Shinohara, hereinafter referred to as Vpon JAPAN) will run from Wednesday, October 4, 2023 to October 5, 2023. We would like to introduce the themes and speakers for Session 04, which will be held online on the 4th (Wednesday) at the Cool Japan DX Summit 2023, which will be held on Sunday (Thursday).
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About Day1 04 Talk Session
We have multiple sessions available on Wednesday, October 4th. The contents we will introduce this time are as follows.
■Japanese entertainment that is making great strides around the world! Chances of success in overseas expansion with DX that raised the industry
~Earn money from inbound tourism through the global boom in sacred place pilgrimage tourism! ~
We will gather together four key people who can talk about anime and pilgrimages to sacred places under the theme of “Japanese
entertainment”, which was newly added from this DX summit. It is said that Japanese entertainment is already taking the world by storm, and fans’ “pilgrimage to sacred places” is also leading to attracting tourists to regional areas.
“How can we further increase the number of foreign tourists from the perspective of hospitality?” “What are the points that local governments that are successful in attracting tourists place emphasis on?” Measures and governments are implementing their own initiatives from a female perspective. He will also explain the initiatives being undertaken.
■Date and time: October 4th (Wednesday) 15:10-16:00 (*Times may change) ■Official site: https://www.cooljapan-dxsummit.com/
■Application: https://cooljapan-dxsummit-2023.peatix.com/view Day1 Talk Session 04 Speaker Profile
The speaker profiles are as follows.
■Atsuo Nakayama, entertainment sociologist, complete history of entertainment business author
After working at Recruit Staffing, DeNA, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, and Bandai Namco Studio, he was stationed in Singapore as President of Bushiroad International in 2016 and was in charge of overseas expansion of Japanese card games, anime, games, professional wrestling, etc. In July 2021, he established Re entertainment, which pursues the creation of an entertainment economic zone and
reproducibility. Visiting researcher at Keio University Faculty of Economics and Ritsumeikan University Game Research Center. His books include “Oshi Economy” and “Otaku Economic Zone Genesis”. [Image 2

Apply: https://cooljapan-dxsummit-2023.peatix.com/view
About Cool Japan DX Summit Executive Committee
The Cool Japan DX Summit Executive Committee aims to strongly promote the creation of a Japanese boom overseas and the promotion of inbound tourism through marketing that utilizes data and digital technology, with the aim of promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors. It was launched with
By disseminating many examples of the combination of Cool Japan and data/digital marketing, we will increase the momentum for the digital shift of the Cool Japan strategy.
-Component members-
Vpon Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director Cool Japan DX Summit Organizer Yoshitaka Shinohara
Mr. Atsushi Takahashi, Managing Director, Assistant to the President, CDO, General Manager of Social Business and Regional Revitalization Headquarters, JR East Planning Co., Ltd.
Intu Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Tourism Brand Producer Tomoko Komatsuzaki
Mr. Takayuki Tsunei, Overseas Trade Support Project Leader,
Association for Creating a Vibrant Japan, a specified non-profit organization
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