Five Cross Co., Ltd. 3D smartphone game “Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals” closed beta test started

Five Cross Co., Ltd.
3D smartphone game “Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals” closed beta test begins …………………………………………………………………………………………………
Five Cross Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have started a closed beta test for Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals (Kuroko’s Basketball SR), a completely new 3D smartphone game based on the anime “Kuroko’s Basketball”.
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-Android version-
The Android version of the app is installed via “Google Play”. Please see the installation instructions below for details.
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■CBT participation details page Click here:
CBT in-game event information
■7-day training
During the event period, 7-day missions will be released one after another, and you will receive rewards when you clear the missions. On the second day, you have a chance to sign a contract with “Kuroko Tetsuya” (PG)! “Outdoor Court” will be unlocked on the 5th day! ■7 days login
You can get rewards by logging in every day. On the second day, we signed a contract with “Mitobe Rinnosuke” (C)! On the 7th day, you will receive 10 “Kiseki Roulette Tickets”!
■Start dash
Challenge yourself to ranked battles and increase your rank! Reaching a new rank will earn you additional rewards.
*Users who once reached the rank “Veteran V” in this closed beta test will receive “CBT rank benefits” at the time of official release. (Please check the separate notice/email for details)
Join CBT experience!! Twitter commemorative post campaign underway ■Event period
September 19, 2023 (Tuesday) 12:00 ~ September 26, 2023 (Tuesday) 12:00 ■How to apply
1. Follow official Twitter (@KRBS_SR)
2. Attach screenshots and recordings related to the game “Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals” on Twitter, add the hashtags #Black Bus SR and #Black Bus SR Experience Club, and post them by mentioning them on the official Twitter (@KRBS_SR). do
■Prize details
Amazon gift code worth 1,000 yen for 72 people (9 people every day) Amazon gift code 1,000 yen + special transparent photo card (Tetsuya Kuroko) for 8 people (1 person every day)
Every day, 10 people will be randomly selected from entries to receive an Amazon gift code worth 1,000 yen.
In addition, the user with the most likes on the day will receive an additional “Special Transparent Photo Card (Kuroko)” x1.
1. Only participants in the closed beta test of “Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals” are eligible to apply for this campaign.
2. If you post using someone else’s screenshot or recording, your eligibility to win will be cancelled. Join CBT experience!! Twitter commemorative post campaign underway
[Notes on participating in the closed beta test]
*Please actively cooperate with the closed beta test questionnaire. *During the closed beta test, we are unable to provide individual support regarding in-game issues.
*The implementation schedule and contents of the closed beta test are subject to change without notice.
*During the closed beta test period, emergency maintenance may be conducted without prior notice.
*During the closed beta test period, parameters and specifications may change without notice.
* There is a possibility that smooth gameplay may not be possible during the closed beta test.
*Play information from the closed beta test will not be carried over to the official release.
*Some functions may not be available or the content may differ from the official service.
* Paid items cannot be purchased during the closed beta test. *Closed beta test participation benefits will be distributed when you log in with the same linked account after the game’s official release. ■Click here for the latest information on the game
・Game official website
■Click here for details on pre-registration: You can pre-register using one of the methods below.
・Pre-register on AppStore: ・Pre-register on Google Play: ・Follow the official X (formerly Twitter) account: ・Add LINE official account as a friend: ■Game overview
Title name: Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals
Game genre: 3D basketball fighting game
Scheduled release date: 2023
Price: Free download (in-app purchases available)
Copyright: (C)️Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueisha/Kuroko’s Basketball Production Committee (C)️FIVECROSS
More details about this release:
Copyright (c) PR TIMES Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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