Business video media “PIVOT” exceeds 1 million YouTube subscribers

PIVOT Co., Ltd.
Business video media “PIVOT” exceeds 1 million YouTube subscribers ~Achieved 1 million subscribers in 1 year and 3 months since the official channel started. A total of 1000 programs will be
We are pleased to announce that the number of subscribers to the “PIVOT” official YouTube channel operated by PIVOT Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Norihiko Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as “PIVOT”) exceeded 1 million on September 19, 2023. To do.
The official “PIVOT” YouTube channel will start in earnest in June 2022, and the total number of distributed programs will reach 1000. The cumulative number of views has reached 120 million.
PIVOT mainly distributes programs on its official YouTube channel, but also on its own app and website. With the mission of “PIVOT Japan,” we deliver video content on economics and business every day that businesspeople can learn from.
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Channel subscriber trends
Achieved 100,000 registrants in half a year, and continued to grow rapidly after that, reaching 500,000 registrants in one year, and surpassing 1 million registrants three months later.
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Background to the increase in registrants
The “PIVOT” YouTube official channel has been distributing new programs one after another in addition to the popular programs since the service started, such as the business deep interview “9 questions” and the real investment documentary “ANGELS” in which Keisuke Honda regularly appears.
“MONEY SKILL SET” where business people learn money-related skills of interest, “EDUCATION SKILL SET” where they learn parenting and education skills from professionals in various fields, and a deep dive into technology and science with neuroscientist Kenichiro Mogi. “EXTREME SCIENCE” and other programs have become established as popular programs.
In addition, recent programs such as “PIVOT SPORTS,” which focuses on soccer commentary, and “PIVOT GLOBAL,” which also includes information in English, have been gaining support with formats that quickly dig into the latest news.
Programs are distributed at 7:00 a.m., 12:00 noon (irregularly), and 8:00 p.m. to suit the timings of business people before work, during their lunch break, and after work. Meeting the demands of business people who want to use their travel time and vacation time as learning time has led to an increase in the number of registrants and views. Program lineup
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