Two luxurious supplements: “Pikmin 4” cute clear sticky notes + “OU” newly drawn comic booklet. Nintendo magazine Nintendo Dream November issue released

Tokuma Shoten
Two luxurious supplements: “Pikmin 4” cute clear sticky notes + “OU” newly drawn comic booklet. Nintendo magazine Nintendo Dream November issue released
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The two special supplements of the November issue to be released on September 21st are “Pikmin 4” Always Issho Clear Bookmark + Original Comic Booklet “OU Obsidiana”!
An issue full of interview projects such as “Zelda”, “Batten”, etc. The cover of “Pokémon Scarlet Violet Zero’s Treasure” is a landmark. 《Two special appendices》
(1) Pikmin 4 Always clear bookmark
[Image 2d16935-589-c3244415a3e7495a754d-0.jpg&s3=16935-589-3d2f104834e92229bad2cdba368076f8-1024x576.jpg
A bookmark made of clear material with a lively design of Pikmin. It comes in a set of 4 and can be used simply by removing it from the mount. Besides putting it inside a book, you can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as taking a picture with a landscape or putting it in a transparent smartphone cover.
(2) Original comic booklet OU Obsidiana
[Image 3d16935-589-e7bf4ace879d0d85ef39-0.jpg&s3=16935-589-ecd15c3e32cbf6759f88bdc3c6112c58-1024x576.jpg
This is a new comic drawn by Mio Koda, the original author of the adventure game “OU”. A story that is a bit different from the game is told over 16 pages. Please enjoy Koda-san’s highly detailed drawings! *Appendix (1) is not included in the electronic version.
-Special feature/plan-
●Super Mario Bros. Wonder Full of wonder! flower kingdom
Will Mario and his friends run around the Flower Kingdom in the wake of the Wonder Flower, which has mysterious powers?
We will explain the elements of interest, such as the play system of the latest work in the series, power-up items, etc.
●Pocket Monsters 2 new features
Pokemon is hot this fall! There are plenty of things to see about the paid additional content “Zero’s Treasure” of “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” and the completely new work “The Return of Detective Pikachu”!
●Pikmin 4
A special feature titled “Let’s find your favorite Pikmin!” which explores the ecology of nine types of Pikmin. While unraveling the charm of each, we will also answer the question, “What kind of creatures are Pikmin?” You might like Pikmin even more!
●The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Developer Interview An interview with the developer of “Tears”, which continues to challenge overwhelming surprises and fun, has been realized! We directly interviewed producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi about their thoughts on “Tears,” which we can now talk about.
Additionally, we are still accepting applications for the “Hyrule Popularity Vote” for all characters!
→Click here for details
●Splatoon 3 1st anniversary & new season begins
While looking back on the game’s history from its release to the present, including the total results of past festivals, we also feature the cool elements of the new season.
●Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster
To commemorate the remastering of the masterpiece RPG “Baten Kaitos” series, we are conducting a play report and developer interview! We asked the director, Yasuyuki Honne, about episodes from the time of development.
Also, character designer Higure Ou will appear. He talked about the series’ main illustrations and character design concepts, along with setting drawings from the time of development.
●Rear world
Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto directly explains the newly introduced partner character! Furthermore, he explains the appeal of “Ria Sekai” that he learned from the preliminary play. The third episode, a newly drawn comic, is also being serialized in full color! ●OU completion report
We bring you the details of the “OU” completion report meeting held in late August. The event was filled with the warmth that can only be expected from a real event, with the four developers on stage telling behind-the-scenes stories about the production, and Mio Koda directly explaining the original drawings.
●FREDERICA theme song artist interview
Interview with the theme song artist for “Frederica”, an adventure story that takes place in a world where “words” have been taken away! We asked Shusaku Yanagita of “God Doesn’t Play Dice” about the essence of his rock sound and the message behind his lyrics.
●Rajirugi 2 voice actor interview
Directly at the voice recording site of the radio-based shooting game “Rajirugi 2” currently under development! We spoke to voice actors Yuka Fujita, Lunacchi☆Hoshi, Reika Wakasugi, and Kaede Horikawa about the secret behind the recording of their voices.
●Omega 6 The Video Game (tentative)
A special release of the game development screen based on Takaya Imamura’s SF comic “Omega 6″! We would like to introduce it with comments from Nobuhiro Yoshikawa, representative of the publisher City Connection, and Junji Seki, representative of the developer Happy Meal.
-Serialization (Pickup)-
●Indie Dream “We are in a different winter”
A puzzle adventure for two, expressed in calming colors and pixel art. We interviewed Nyori, an independent game developer, about her innovative ideas and ideas, such as “exploring a world with two players that each sees differently.”
●Professor Imamura’s seven turns and eight stories
A serialized page by Takaya Imamura, who continues to be active in the game industry. This time, we will announce development information related to “Omega 6 The Video Game (tentative)”! In addition, we have also posted designs of goods that will be distributed at Tokyo Game Show 2023.
[Image 4d16935-589-82258ad16493b113cf97-0.jpg&s3=16935-589-7150b6f00544892a00c73546ccb49031-1200x1485.jpg
Nintendo Dream November 2023 issue
Nintendo Dream (Nindori) is a game magazine specializing in Nintendo. We will deliver more enjoyable projects with interviews and more, focusing on Nintendo Switch game information.
Released around the 21st of every month. Please purchase at bookstores nationwide, mass retailers that carry books and games, large supermarkets, anime shops, online shopping, etc.
An electronic version is also available for sale and distribution. overview
Nintendo DREAM November issue
Released on September 21, 2023
List price: 1210 yen (10% tax included)
Publisher: Ambit
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
Magazine code: 07113-11
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