Never trip! ! “Kimeru!” which has sold over 3.6 million copies! ” series, the long-awaited civil servic e exam version is now on sale.

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Never trip! ! ] “Kimeru!” which has sold over 3.6 million copies! ” series, the long-awaited civil service exam version is now on sale. An efficient test preparation book with a “3-step” format! Recommended as the first book for those starting to study for the civil service exam, or as a finishing touch for those who are more advanced in their studies.
Gakken Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President: Toru Goromaru), a group company of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President and Representative Director: Hiroaki Miyahara), will announce the “Kimeru! Civil Service Exam Civil Law I” “Kimeru!” Civil Service Exam Civil Law II” “Kimeru!” Civil Service Examination Numerical Reasoning” “Kimeru!” Civil Service Exam Judgment Reasoning” “Kimeru!” We are releasing the Civil Service Examination Constitution.
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▲From left: Civil Law I, Civil Law II, Numerical Reasoning, Judgmental Reasoning, Constitutional Law. The cover of this book is filled with the illustrator’s passion.
“Kimeru!” has received overwhelming support from university entrance exam students and has sold over 3.6 million copies in total. From the series, the civil service exam version has appeared. The first edition consists of 4 subjects and 5 books that are the main subjects of the liberal arts and specialized exams. We use a 3-step method: 1. Easy-to-understand key points → 2. Question-and-answer to solidify knowledge → 3. Practice carefully selected past questions. Recommended as the first book for those starting to study for the civil service exam, or as a finishing touch for those who are already progressing in their studies.
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Main contents
◆Civil Law I Chapter 1: Civil Law General Provisions / Chapter 2: Property Rights / Chapter 3: Collateral Property Rights ◆Civil Law II Chapter 1: General Theory of Claims / Chapter 2: Specific Theory of Claims / Chapter 3: Relatives and Inheritance ◆Numerical Reasoning Chapter 1: Speed ​​/ Chapter 2: Proportions / Chapter 3: Number of cases / Probability / Chapter 4: Integers / Chapter 5: Equations / Inequalities / Chapter 6: Diagrams ◆ Judgment reasoning Chapter 1: Logic / Sets / Chapter 2: Conditional reasoning / Chapter 3: Cryptography・Operation/Chapter 4: Understanding shapes and spaces ◆Constitution Chapter 1: General theory of human rights/Chapter 2: Mental freedom rights/Chapter 3: Economic freedom rights/Chapter 4: Personal freedom/Chapter 5: Social rights/beneficiary rights ( State Claims) / Chapter 6: Diet / Chapter 7: Cabinet / Chapter 8: Judicial Power / Chapter 9: Fiscal Affairs and Local Autonomy Others
Includes past question analysis by supervisor
This series is supervised by a popular instructor with a reputation for preparing for civil service exams and employment exams. At the beginning of each chapter, there is an analysis page by the supervisor such as “What you will learn in this exam” and “Exam-specific measures,” so you can study according to the characteristics of the exam you are taking.
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▲Excerpt from the opening page of Judgment Reasoning. Study points and study plans for each subject are revealed! There is also an analysis of past questions by the supervisor before each chapter!
Carefully explains how to proceed with learning according to the subject and important points to keep in mind for each chapter. We also have test type trends and countermeasure pages, so you can acquire rational study know-how.
A convenient separate answer explanation booklet supports self-study! “I decide! ” series comes with a separate answer explanation book that can be removed and used. You can conduct self-study efficiently by comparing the questions and explanations.
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▲Left: Civil Law I Main Volume, Right: Civil Law I Separate Volume [Image 5

▲An example of the separate answer explanation. Just like this book, the key point is the detailed explanations with illustrations! We are running a campaign where you can read all books in the series and half of the books on your smartphone.
To commemorate the launch of the Civil Service Examination Edition, we have published a new edition of “Kimeru! We are running a campaign where you can sample half of all books in the series for free on your smartphone. Please take this opportunity to find a book that is easy to use.
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[Image 7 (Civil Law I) (Civil Code II) (Numerical Reasoning) (Judgment Reasoning) (Constitution)
[Click here to purchase this book]・Amazon: (Civil Law I) (Civil Law II) (Numerical Reasoning) .jp/dp/4058020326/ (judgment reasoning) (Constitution)・Rakuten Books: (Civil Code I) (Civil Code II) (Numerical reasoning) (Judgment Reasoning) (Constitution) ・Seven Net: (Civil Code I) detail/1107428811 (Civil Code II) (Numerical Reasoning) (Judgement Reasoning) https://7net.omni7. jp/detail/1107428815 (Constitution)
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