In conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly SDG Summit, applications for the 4th SDGs Manga Award wi ll begin on September 18th. Take sustainable action for our future and the earth by disseminating information through “4-panel comics, sen

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In conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly SDG Summit, applications for the 4th SDGs Manga Award will begin on September 18th. Take sustainable action for our future and the earth by disseminating information through “4-panel comics, senryu, and reports”! Deadline: 11/30
An award to help you take a step towards a sustainable future. We are looking for works with the theme “For our future and the earth”! Last year, we received 1446 entries from people aged 5 to 84 from 35 prefectures nationwide! Let’s take on the challenge together at work, school, and family
The Riviera Future Creation Project (Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chairman: Hanako Watanabe, hereinafter referred to as Riviera), a non-profit organization, is holding the 4th Riviera SDGs Manga Award, an open call for public participation this year as a means to take a step toward a sustainable future. It will be held.
Among the United Nations General Assembly held in September every year, the “SDG Summit”, in which the heads of countries gather at the United Nations Headquarters in New York once every four years, will be held today on September 18th and 19th. We are now accepting entries for the 4th Riviera SDGs Manga Award for our future and the earth. We are accepting submissions for “SDGs Manga,” “SDGs Senryu,” and “SDGs Report” works from September 18th (holiday/Monday) to November 30th (Thursday).
*Some of our past works are introduced below.
*The exhibition is scheduled to be held from March 2nd (Saturday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2024.
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Official website: The “Riviera SDGs Manga Award”, which started in 2020, values ​​the penetration and diversity of the sustainable movement. The number of applicants for this public exhibition has increased year by year, and last year, 1,446 works were submitted by people from a wide range of ages, from 5 to 84 years old, from 35 prefectures nationwide. The “Riviera SDGs Manga Award” is a place where diverse generations, including children, send out diverse messages for their future, and the exhibition is attracting a lot of attention as a place to disseminate new ideas for the future. Masu. There are some noteworthy points about the themes of the submitted works. 55.5% of the total focused on the environmental field (SDGs 6, 13, 14, 15), and 37.4% were particularly interested in “SDGs 14: Protect the abundance of the oceans.” The number of works with peace themes such as gender equality and the situation in Ukraine is increasing, and interest in global events is increasing. *Please see below for SDGs number data etc. SDGs initiatives in school education are also progressing, and the “Riviera SDGs Manga Award” is used as teaching materials for a wide variety of subjects, including Japanese, science, social studies, arithmetic, daily life, and general education. Focusing on
environmental considerations such as paper waste issues and
transportation and delivery, and promoting work style reforms at schools, we will collaborate with local governments and boards of education to contribute to achieving a wide range of SDGs by reducing paper distribution. We are calling for deeper understanding and DX. In addition, we are seeing a significant number of applications from companies that position SDGs as the core of their management, as well as from seniors who are leveraging their past experience.
We will provide applicants with a place to experience specific SDGs initiatives, such as reducing environmental impact through resource recycling, communication with an emphasis on dialogue, and regional revitalization.
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SDGs Manga Award Exhibition
The Riviera Group’s corporate philosophy is to “live a fulfilling life in harmony with nature.” Sensing a sense of crisis regarding climate change, we have engaged in a wide range of sustainable activities since the start of the marina business in 2001 (recycled vegetables in Shonan using compost, which has continued for 18 years, LOVE OCEAN project in collaboration with 13 municipalities, approximately 8,000 people) We carry out marine programs for young people who have attended the program, hold events aimed at solar power generation and a zero-carbon society, and hold the “Riviera SDGs Manga Award”. [Image 3

R Next Summit
As we continue our activities, we believe that dialogue is extremely important for realizing a sustainable future, and we have launched “R Next,” a community made up of applicants for the public exhibition “SDGs Manga Award.” We hold the “R Next Summit” on an irregular basis as a forum for dialogue, transcending the boundaries of gender, age, and companies, organizations, and governments, and transmitting information for the future.

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Application guidelines for “4th Riviera SDGs Manga Award”
【Application period】
Works must arrive by mail between September 18, 2023 (holiday/Monday) and November 30, 2023 (Thursday)
[3 types of solicited works]
SDGs Senryu/SDGs Report/SDGs Manga
Anyone (no restrictions on occupation, place of residence, etc.) *Reports must be submitted to high school students.
“For our future and our planet”
Problem solving stories, your thoughts and feelings, anecdotes, what you feel every day, what you are working on, what you want to change, etc.
*Instead of explaining the SDGs, try to convey the goals, approach method, story, etc.
[Common work regulations]
– Limited to unpublished original works (works submitted for school assignments etc. will not be considered for the award)
・Up to 1 entry per category can be submitted ・Applications can be submitted to multiple categories
・Co-production is not possible
・Entries other than those requested (three-dimensional works, paintings, story comics, newspapers, essays, videos, etc.) will not be accepted. ・Entries other than those specified will not be accepted. *Please check the work regulations for each category and apply in accordance with the work regulations.
[How to apply for “SDGs Manga”] 1. Be sure to check the application method on the official website 2. Draw your work on the “Special Manga Application Form” *If you do not have the “Special Manga Application Form” at hand, please visit the official website. Download 3. Register on the web application form 4. Mail the “SDGs Manga” work, which must arrive by November 30th
[How to apply for “SDGs Senryu”] 1. Be sure to check the application method on the official website 2. Register on the web application form 3. Enter the “SDGs Senryu” work you are applying for in the web application form
[Application for “SDGs Report”] 1. Be sure to check the application method on the official website 2. Register on the web application form 3. Mail the “SDGs Report” work, which must arrive by November 30th [Official website/WEB application form]
Purpose of “Riviera SDGs Manga Award”
1. Expand the creation of a society that recognizes diversity through SDGs that can be considered diversely without being tied to a single approach or answer
2. Realize a society where all generations, from SDGs native children to seniors, can play an active role
3. Create opportunities to organize your thoughts and communicate them in an easy-to-understand way to others, contributing to the
development of human resources who will carry the future.
Previous application data
-SDGs number-
●Environmental field (SDGs 6, 13, 14, 15) accounts for approximately 55.2% of the total ●Ocean-related content (SDGs goal 14) accounts for approximately 37.4%
●Gender equality (SDGs Goal 5) rose from 1.9% at the second meeting to 5.3%, demonstrating a remarkable level of interest across generations. ●The content with themes related to the situation in Ukraine and prayers for peace (SDGs Goal 16) increased from 1.7% at the second event to 5.0%.
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Past events
[1st Riviera SDGs Manga Award]
Total number of applications: 103 (2020 recruitment) / Category: Report, painting [2nd Riviera SDGs Manga Award]
Total number of applications: 410 (2021 recruitment) / Category: Manga, Report, Painting
*Believing in the “power of manga”, we established a new manga division
[3rd Riviera SDGs Manga Award]
Total number of applications: 1,446, 35 prefectures, ages 5 to 84 (recruited in 2022) / Category: Manga, Senryu, Report
*A new senryu section has been established that is easy for adults to participate in and reflects the historical background
Sponsored by: Riviera Future Creation Project (Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee)
Co-sponsors: Riviera Resort Co., Ltd./Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd./Japan Maritime Academy/Blue Carbon Belt Riviera Research Institute Sponsored by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Kanagawa Prefecture / Yokohama City / Toshima Ward / Chiyoda Ward / Miura City / Yokosuka City / Hayama Town / Zushi City / Kamakura City / Fujisawa City / Chigasaki City / Hiratsuka City / Oiso Town / Ninomiya Town / Odawara City / Manazuru Town / Yugawara Town / Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education / Yokohama City Board of Education / Toshima Ward Board of Education / Chiyoda Ward Board of Education / Miura City Board of Education / Yokosuka City Board of Education / Hayama Town Board of Education / Zushi City Board of Education / Kamakura City Board of Education / Fujisawa City Board of Education / Chigasaki City Board of Education / Hiratsuka City Board of Education / Oiso Town Board of Education / Ninomiya Town Board of Education / Odawara City Board of Education / Manazuru Town Education Committee / Yugawara Town Board of Education / Tokyo Private Elementary School Association / Kanagawa Prefecture Private Junior and Senior High School Association / Kanagawa Prefecture Private Elementary School Association
Exhibition overview
Date: March 2nd to 17th, 2024
Venue: Riviera Zushi Marina
Official website: *The latest information will be posted on the official website from time to time.
Supplement: About the United Nations General Assembly
United Nations General Assembly High Level Week (September 18-26, 2023) The United Nations General Assembly, attended by member states, begins a new session every year on the third Tuesday of September.
At the annual High-Level General Discussion (September 19-23, 26), which brings together world leaders, the theme of “Rebuilding Trust and Revitalizing Global Solidarity: Peace for All” was held. The theme is “Accelerating action on the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs for prosperity, progress and sustainability” and explores solutions to intertwined global challenges. The period before and after this general debate speech is called the “United Nations High-Level Week,” and various discussions are held, including the “SDG Summit (September 18-19),” which is a summit meeting of each country’s leaders and a negotiated political declaration. You can also watch online. Reference site: SDG Summit (September 18-19, 2023)
This is a high-level political forum aimed at achieving the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is held once every four years and brings together world leaders at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
This year, over two days from September 18th to 19th, we will review the implementation status of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs, and highlight the accelerated and transformative actions that need to be taken by 2030, the year in which the goals will be achieved. We plan to provide political guidance at the level. The outcome of the SDG Summit will be a negotiated political declaration.
Introduction of submitted works for “3rd Riviera SDGs Manga Award (previous year)”
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From left) 5 years old, 8 years old, 12 years old
[Image 9

From left) 7 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old
[Image 10

From left) 10 years old, 10 years old, 16 years old
What are SDGs?
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Abbreviation for the Sustainable Development Goals, which were unanimously adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 by all member countries. While aiming for sustainable economic growth, each country is working together to achieve this goal based on the basic philosophy of “leave no one behind.” A wide range of goals have been set for “social aspects such as poverty and hunger, peace, gender equality, and education,” “economic aspects such as effective use of energy, work style reform, and elimination of inequality,” and “environmental aspects such as climate change and environmental protection.” has set “17 goals (goals) and 169 targets” with a deadline of 2030.
《About the Riviera Future Creation Project》
The businesses of the Riviera Group cannot survive without the blessings of nature. That is why we believe that we have a social mission to address various issues around the world as our own. The “Riviera Future Creation Project”, which started its activities in 2006, is currently promoting SDGs with all employees working on three axes: “environment,” “education,” and “health and medical care (well-being).” As part of this effort, Riviera Zushi Marina has been promoting sustainable town development since 2012, with the concept of “Sustainability Town Riviera Zushi Marina,” including the use of sunlight, beach cleanup activities, events that coexist with pets, and recycling-oriented farming. I’m here. We are also working to raise awareness of reducing CO2 emissions through activities to popularize electric vehicles. “Malibu Hotel” is the first hotel in Japan to introduce a V2B (vehicle to building) system, which allows electricity to be supplied from electric vehicles to lights and outlets at the front of the hotel in the event of a disaster, aiming to be a hotel that is both eco-friendly and disaster-prevention friendly. I’m here. Additionally, Riviera Zushi Marina’s hotels, restaurants, and event venues use 100% renewable energy. In December 2020, we established the Riviera Future Creation Project, a specified non-profit organization, to further promote this social activity. We will continue to take a wide range of steps, fulfilling the role of a HUB that connects people and organizations with each other.
Official website:
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Riviera circulating vegetables are recycled in Shonan by using compost and collaborating with local farmers
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