Gentosha Co., Ltd. Shota Watanabe (Snow Man), who is the most beautiful and beautiful in the magazine and surpasses the shine of jewelry, appears for the first time on the cover of GINGER’s November issue.

Gentosha Co., Ltd.
Shota Watanabe (Snow Man), who is the most beautiful and beautiful in the magazine, and who surpasses the shine of jewelry, appears for the first time on the cover of GINGER’s November issue.
In the November 2023 issue of GINGER, which will be released nationwide on September 21st (Thursday), Shota Watanabe (Snow Man) will finally feature a solo cover after two years of enthusiastic offers from the editorial department. Immediately after the cover visual was released, her strong and kind eyes became a hot topic on SNS, and the editorial department received many thank you messages from readers! Don’t miss the magazine and special pin-up that explores his beauty potential as he wears six different outfits with different impressions.
I actually look at it with the feeling that it’s not bad.
“Beauty” is an indispensable keyword when talking about him: his supple dance, his beautiful singing voice, and his never-ending desire to explore beauty. As if to symbolize the opening feature of GINGER’s November issue, “Beautiful Things.” In this project, we will focus on his beauty with themes such as “beautiful flowers,” “dazzling jewelry,” “beauty as is,” and “beauty as a man.” I asked them to put it together and express it. When I tried fitting the outfits I had prepared for the photoshoot in advance, they all looked so good on me…so much so that I suddenly started wearing more of them. A cool jacket, a rough denim/tank top, a shirt with earrings and a
three-strand necklace, a long coat and a fluffy hat, all of which are personal items? The staff was also impressed by her ability to dress well! In an interview, when asked about his recent activities and thoughts on work, he said, “I think the most important thing is for people to think, “I’m having fun singing,” rather than “I’m good at singing.” I sing with the intention of delivering a song that conveys the world’s best,” he said in a professional manner that is typical of someone who is a leader in today’s entertainment world. Also, we get a glimpse of the source of beauty about lifestyles that we don’t usually hear about – “I’m accepting the idea that ‘disorder in life is disorder in mind’, or rather I’m actually realizing it… Every morning, when I wake up… I start by cleaning the toilet.On days when work starts in the afternoon, I wipe down the entrance, and today too I washed all the bedding and hung it to dry.”The editorial staff also said that beauty starts here… I agree. Of course, we also hear about the beautiful sides of all the members. Before the interview, she said, “I’m working on my body right now, so can I have some of this?” and even took a bite of Japanese sweets in a beautiful manner. His “now” is a must-see.
In Hey! Sɑy! JUMP’s popular series “TAG”, Yuto Nakajima wears a bush style that emphasizes ease of movement and relaxation.
In the 14th episode of the popular series “TAG,” the group’s best fashionista, Yuto Nakajima, shows off Kota Yabu’s style. The classic denim set-up with dark khaki that gives calmness to the adult jacket style and casual taste that attack with patterns, and the one-tone coordination all have a bushy feel. The interview features a story full of brotherhood that you don’t often see in everyday life. The November issue of GINGER delivers plenty of keywords to improve your abilities and improve your life. Available at bookstores and convenience stores nationwide.
“GINGER” November 2023 issue
Release date: Thursday, September 21st
Price: Regular price ¥900 (tax included)
Publisher: Gentosha Co., Ltd.
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