2nd series The popular character “Yukie Mayuzumi” appears for the first time in the no-lose online lottery “KuZiPA!”

HIKE Co., Ltd.
2nd series The popular character “Yukie Mayuzumi” appears for the first time in the no-lose online lottery “KuZiPA!”
~ Win cushion covers and soba choco! ~
HIKE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masataka Mikami) operates a no-lose online lottery service called “KuZiPA!”, which operates a media mix such as games, comics, and anime. We will be selling online lottery tickets for Yukie Mayuzumi, the popular character from “Majikoi!” (hereinafter referred to as “Majikoi”), from 12:00 on Monday, September 25th. A total of 5 types of original goods will be available, including a “cushion cover” that will make you want to squeeze, and “soba choco” named after Yukie Mayuzumi, who loves soba.
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This is the second in the series, following the birthday commemoration lottery “Margitte bunny! birthday!” for the character “Margitte Eberbach” who appears in “Majikoi”, which was held in March of this year and ended with great success. In the “+ON Prize”, where you have a chance to win luxurious prizes each time you draw a lottery ticket, 15 people each will win an original mouse pad and a mug. We are planning to continue selling original goods featuring “Majikoi” characters, so please wait for further updates.
“Yukie Mayuzumi” Online Lottery Overview
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/51825/table/373_1_1c235896c8ad17c3e665f8dafb5bde01.jpg ]
Product line-up
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Prize A: Cushion cover (1 type in total)
[Image 3

B Prize: Sobachoco (1 type in total)
[Image 4

Prize C: Acrylic coaster (5 types in total)
[Image 5

Prize D: A3 clear poster (6 types in total)
[Image 6

Prize E: Sticker set (all 4 types)
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+ON Prize: Mouse pad/mug
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[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/51825/table/373_2_568509bd1cbd927cff3ae6d8982d2d0a.jpg ]
About +On Challenge
This is a prize that can be won through an automatic lottery, in addition to the items you receive through the lottery you purchase. *A lottery will be held for each lottery ticket.
*After you purchase a lottery ticket, a “+ON lottery ticket” will appear, and if “Atari” appears, you will get the +On Challenge prize! *Winning products will be delivered together with regular lottery winning products.
*Even during the campaign period, it will end as soon as the specified number is reached.
*The lottery will be drawn for the number of tickets purchased, but please note that due to production reasons, the display of “+On lottery ticket” will be a summary of all lottery results.
*+On Challenge is a complete lottery.
*The specified number is the maximum number, and even if the number of winners does not reach the specified number, the lottery will end as soon as the lottery period ends.
About “Yukie Mayuzumi”
“Mashin de Watashi ni Koi Shime!”, which develops a wide range of mixed media content including PC games, comics, and anime, A popular character that appears in the series.
Favorite food: Soba, Favorite drink: Sobayu
What is “KuZiPA!”
This is an online service that allows you to purchase products using the “lottery method” using the Internet from your PC or smartphone. Manga/Anime/Games/Idols/Musicians/Actors/Voice Actors/VTubers…We develop original products from various talents, characters, and artists.
“KuZiPA!” Official website: https://kuzipa.com/
“KuZiPA!” Official X (old Twitter) account: https://twitter.com/KuZiPA_jp
Regarding the provision of online lottery system
HIKE provides an online lottery system ASP/SaaS for IP and content providers. In addition to launching as a new service, it is possible to introduce an online lottery system by linking with existing services such as EC sites using API. Please see the landing page below for details.
Teaser site: https://kuzipa.com/lp
About HIKE Co., Ltd.
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Representative: Representative Director Masataka Mikami
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