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Iwasaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
[New book information] Shinei Douga x Iwasaki Shoten collaboration picture book “Moshi Moshi 10 Uncle Taro” is on sale!
Let’s find 10 and play! The slow life of an old man makes me wonder! …………………………………………………………………………………………………
Children’s book publisher Iwasaki Shoten Co., Ltd. (President: Keiko Komatsuzaki, Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will release “Moshi Moshi 10 Uncle Taro” (author: Masatake Himeda) on September 18, 2023. Masu. [Image 1d35751-297-68aeb54102744c713f29-0.jpg&s3=35751-297-0ebc8cc8239c159632c8a1353b69be44-1500x1745.jpg
↑ There are a lot of “10” hidden on the cover!
This book is a collaboration between Japan’s leading anime production company Shinei Animation, which has brought to life such works as Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and PUI PUI Molcar, as well as Mochimochi Tree, Swelling Tokidoki Pig, and Penelope. This is a collaboration picture book with Iwasaki Shoten, the publisher of children’s books such as “Iwasaki Shoten”!
●Iwasaki Shoten product page: https://www.iwasakishoten.co.jp/book/b630784.html Hello, who is Uncle 10 Taro?
“Moshi Moshi 10 Uncle Taro” is a character belonging to Fukkaru Production, which is jointly developed by Shinei Animation and Gathering.
The main character, Uncle 10 Taro, is an uncle who loves 10. I have a tendency to want everything to be a 10, so it’s a little inconvenient at times, but that’s also freedom.
Let’s take a look into the slow life of Uncle 10 Taro, who is curious about something, with his curious Ik-kun (6 years old)!
●Moshi Moshi 10 Uncle Taro Official YouTube:
Content introduction
10 Uncle Taro loves 10.
Today I’m going for a walk looking for 10.
When Uncle 10 Taro meets Squid, he looks happy and counts his legs. To Mr. Octopus… “Hello, Mr. Octopus, would you like to become 10 feet tall with me?” “Eh! How?”
[Image 2d35751-297-efeddffa0ac5b99f3df1-1.jpg&s3=35751-297-02c4ff0481a533cb4f4cedd7fee7ee0c-2571x1500.jpg
The length of an elephant’s nose is… less than 10 meters. But wouldn’t it be exciting if it were 10 meters long?
Let’s try it out!
[Image 3d35751-297-c3cb7c68a327a86ede24-2.jpg&s3=35751-297-cb15cafde5c9d4c29304bb278c4b79e0-2571x1500.jpg
I stick to 10, but sometimes…
[Image 4d35751-297-26be3ce5bd011860b8aa-3.jpg&s3=35751-297-7362a02381c5b58a504c108fe168fced-2571x1500.jpg
Uncle 10 Taro is free today as well.
The number 10 is hidden in various places in the picture book. It’s fun to try to find out what kind of “10” there is!
Book information
[Image 5d35751-297-68aeb54102744c713f29-0.jpg&s3=35751-297-0ebc8cc8239c159632c8a1353b69be44-1500x1745.jpg
-New issue-
・Book title: Moshi Moshi 10 Uncle Taro
・Author: Masatake Himeda ・Publisher: Iwasaki Shoten Co., Ltd. ・ISBN: 978-4-265-08193-6
・Format: B5 variant ・List price: 1,430 yen (1,300 yen + tax) ・Release date: September 18, 2023
*Release start date varies depending on store availability.・Sales location: National bookstores, online bookstores, etc.
Amazon: https://onl.la/ASC7ZtfRakuten Books:
https://onl.la/QHbgHbaKinokuniya Bookstore:
https://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/f/dsg-01-9784265081936●Bibliography details page: https://www.iwasakishoten.co.jp/book/b630784.html Author introduction
◆Author: Matake Himeda
Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1988. Completed Tama Art University Graduate School of Graphic Design Research. Produced the self-produced and self-performed animation series “Yokoso Boku Desu,” in which he writes lyrics, composes, sings, and performs. He has won awards at film festivals in Japan and abroad, including the Japan Media Arts Festival Newcomer Award and the Ottawa International Animation Festival Special Award. He has been in charge of animations such as Minna no Uta (NHK) “Turtle, Puma and Flamingo”, Okaasan to Issho (NHK) “Otasuke! Oyoman” and “Hore!”. In addition to being an animation artist, he also works as an illustrator, including illustrations for the “45R” website.
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