O&P Media Co., Ltd. Mahuru no Yuki Oni joins not botti Sub-audio of Mahiru no Yuki Oni is now on sale on the sub-audio platform “not botti”

O&P Media Co., Ltd.
[Mahuru no Yuki Oni joins not botti] Sub-audio of Mahiru no Yuki Oni is now on sale on the sub-audio platform “not botti”
Mahiru no Yukioni participated as a creator in the secondary audio platform “not botti” operated by O&P Media Co., Ltd. (4th floor, Uchida Building, 2-13-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroaki Hori). The first video work targeted for supplementary audio sold by Mahiru no Yukioni is the popular anime “Jigoku Raku”!
What is “not botti”?
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“not botti” is a completely new sub-audio platform app that allows you to watch your favorite anime, movies, dramas, sports, and other video works along with your favorite sub-audio.
You can enjoy the video work while listening to the side audio such as everyone’s impressions, reactions, and explanations, so you can enjoy the video work many times more than usual!
Midday snow demon profile
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●Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mahirun0Yuki
●Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-j8qfEqvac0bSeitBie9g Introduction of the supplementary audio released this time (partial) ◯Let’s watch [Jigoku Raku] with the demons! Episode 1
Midday Snow Demon: “I’m the Demon Midday Snow Demon! Let’s watch Jigoku Raku with the demon! I’ll watch the demon for the first time! I hope you enjoy it together!”
Watch here: https://notbottiapp.page.link/eoe6wojaty7TDeTMA
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◯Let’s watch [Jigoku Raku] with the demons! Episode 2
Watch here: https://notbottiapp.page.link/bzQCL4Db5AyDrxA37
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Outlook for “not botti”
“not botti” is currently only compatible with iPhone, but in order to provide the service to even more people, we plan to support Android in the near future. We hope that this will allow even more listeners and creators to use “not botti” and experience its charm.
Our company, O&P Media, sees new possibilities in the “secondary audio platform” and is passionate about it. This new platform will not only further enrich the viewing experience of video works, but will also provide a new platform for creators to share their perspectives and interpretations.
And we want as many people as possible to know about its appeal. To that end, we recognize that it is important to have creators from a wide variety of genres create and publish secondary audio on “not botti.” Along with this, “not botti” is always looking for new creators.
We also accept partnerships with companies that have talents and influencers. For inquiries regarding creators, please contact us below.
▶︎Official Twitter (DM): https://twitter.com/info_notbotti
▶︎Email address: contact@notbotti.com
About O&P Media Co., Ltd.
We believe in the power of technology and believe that its innovations will transform the world of entertainment. We aim to make connections between people richer and more meaningful by using the power of technology to provide new ways for people to interact, empathize, and have fun with each other.
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Business content: Service operation, system development, etc. including the secondary audio platform app “not botti”
Click here to apply or contact creators
▶︎Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/info_notbotti
▶︎Email address: contact@notbotti.com
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