Over 1,500 people have pre-registered for the latest Otaru1899 campaign from Japan’s leading board game publisher, Uchibakoya. The second X (formerly Twitter) campaign starts today, and four popular works are also on sale.

Over 1,500 people have pre-registered for the latest Otaru1899 campaign from Japan’s leading board game publisher, Uchibakoya. The second X (formerly Twitter) campaign starts today, and four popular works are also on sale.
Achieved 1,500 registrants in two weeks after pre-registration began. For the remaining 500 people to register, an additional benefit, the “Ambition Expansion Set,” will be added, making the benefits of the pre-sale period even more luxurious.
Uchibakoya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Junpei Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as Uchibakoya) has received 1,500 (300%) pre-registrations for its latest board game “Otaru 1899”. We have broken through. To express our gratitude to all of you, we would like to announce that we will be holding the second edition of the X (formerly Twitter) campaign. Uchibakoya is also holding a sale of four of the company’s most popular works until the end of September. What’s more, every order now comes with a special bonus of a round marker with a squid or whale that can be used in the most popular Aqua Garden series.
About pre-registration campaign
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About the second X (formerly Twitter) campaign
Starting today, we will be holding the second X campaign on the official X (@uchibacoya) where 10 people will win the latest work “Otaru1899” and the playable “Sapporo1876”.
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2. RT (repost) the target tweet
X campaign second edition
3. We will send a DM to the 10 winners in early October.
One person will be selected by lottery to receive a complete set of “Otaru1899” and “Sapporo1876” with luxurious benefits.
Nine people will be randomly selected to receive either “Otaru1899” or “Sapporo1876”.
■Application terms
Official X (@uchibacoya) is also holding a campaign to commemorate the release of Otaru1899.
Please be sure to check back as we will be updating you with the latest information.
About ongoing sales
At Uchibakoya, we are currently holding the first and second sales for the release of the latest board game “Otaru 1899”. Furthermore, if you order from the official online store between today, September 16th and September 30th, you will receive an Ikari/Whale round marker that can be used with the most popular Aqua Garden series as a bonus. Not limited to orders for sale items, no matter what product you order, you will receive one set (total of 2 items) per order. Uchibakoya official online store offers free shipping for orders over 10,000 yen. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to purchase in bulk. [Image 3

First sale: September 9th to September 30th
Amalfi Normally 7,400 yen → 6,660 yen (tax included)
Fairy Concerto Normally 3,250 yen → 2,925 yen (tax included) https://uchibacoya.shop/items/6330f5a4f30865763e3cd101
[Image 4

Aqua Garden Beachcombing Normally 5,500 yen → 4,950 yen (tax included) https://uchibacoya.shop/items/6492f8ff6754880033e76b56
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Overseas club fan achieved goal in 4 minutes, Japan’s leading board game publisher “Uchibakoya” will release “Otaru 1899”, the latest work that brings back the history of Hokkaido, on October 1st. The first pre-registration campaign with luxurious benefits will begin on September 1st.
About Uchibakoya
Uchibakoya is one of Japan’s leading board game publishers that distributes Euro-style board games using beautiful wooden pieces to the world.
The representative himself, who plays more than 1,000 games a year in most years, is involved in game development and develops board games that are highly immersive and rich in story and strategy.
Since its establishment in 2019, it has published 11 works so far, raised a total of 130 million yen on the overseas crowdfunding site “Kickstarter”, and has over 10,000 supporters around the world. We are expanding our activities mainly through Kickstarter, including being approached by famous overseas game companies for localization. Related information
Otaru 1899 pre-registration campaign special page
Press release regarding Otaru 1899 pre-registration campaign https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000005.000109509.htm
Official X (old twitter)
Official online store
Official site
official note
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