aceLab Co., Ltd. “Taishinoteko Bus” campaign “Take a photo at Daido Old Yamamoto House and get a limite d NFT!”

aceLab Co., Ltd.
“Taishinoteko Bus” campaign “Take a photo at Daido Old Yamamoto House and get a limited NFT!”
~Enjoy sightseeing in Taishi Town on the “Taishinoteko Bus”! ~ …………………………………………………………………………………………………
aceLab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshikazu Sakawa, hereinafter referred to as “aceLab”) and Taishi-cho, Osaka Prefecture will be holding a photo shoot at the Daido Old Yamamoto Family Residence from Saturday, September 16, 2020. “Take a photo and get a limited NFT!” campaign. Daido Old Yamamotoke Residence, which boasts beautiful scenery and a historical background, can be visited by the Taishinotoko Bus, which is decorated with hometown tax donation characters.
In this campaign, we will give away a limited edition NFT (first 50 people + 50 people by lottery) signed by Tokeshi, an illustrator who is rapidly gaining in popularity. In addition, the characters designed by Mr. Tokeshi are currently being offered as NFT return items for Taishi Town hometown tax donations.
[Image 1◆ About the illustrator “Tokeshi”: A dignified and elegant work that values ​​the expression of texture and light. A picture of a woman with a gentle touch has become a hot topic on social media, and is being offered as a hometown tax NFT for the first time. Belongs to aceLab Co., Ltd. Tokesabo:・Hometown tax donation “Taishi Town collectible collection by aceLab (Tokeshi ver.)” in progress *Partner: Aryaumu (hometown tax NFT platform) Donations will be accepted.・Donation reception site: Hometown Tax NFT
( ・Furusato Tax NFT donation amount for Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture: 50,000 yen ・Issuing chain: Ethreum Chain ◆ About Taishi Town, Osaka Prefecture Taishi Town is located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture, bordering Habikino City to the north, Tondabayashi City to the west, Kanan Town to the south, and the Kongo-Katsuragi mountains that form Kongo-Ikoma Kisen
Quasi-National Park to the east, bordering Nara Prefecture. It is a town surrounded by rich greenery and history, bordering Kashiba City and Katsuragi City.In particular, Mt. It is a mountain that can be said to be a symbol of Japan. Mt. Nijo is a combination of the high peak on the north side of Mt. Odake (517 meters) and the low peak on the south side of Mt. Medake (474 ​​meters). It was also called “Futakamiyama” and is included in the Manyoshu. It is known as a mountain filled with many historical episodes. The history of Taishi Town also began from Mt. Nijo. ◆ About aceLab Co., Ltd. We are a company that uses creativity to create new businesses that contribute to society through CSV (Creation of Common Value) and collaboration, with the motto “Creatively creating new value!” We will provide hometown tax NFTs to local governments across the country, mainly focusing on regional revitalization projects, and will use marketing to attract customers through collaborative measures and sell collaborative products to convey the appeal of the region. In addition, in the creator x IP business, we are developing a production business that protects and maximizes the rights of creators and IP. ◆ aceLab Co., Ltd. Company Profile ・Company name: aceLab Co., Ltd. ・Representative: Toshikazu Sakawa ・Location: 6F Aoyama Marutake Building, 3-1-36 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Establishment: February 7, 2023 ・Business details : NFT ☓ Regional co-creation hometown tax payment business creator ☓ IP (intellectual property, copyright, agent) business strategy consulting (management strategy, new business development, general business) Business/URL: /・Twitter: [Image 5
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