Kodansha Co., Ltd. “Harumei” image album will be distributed on various music distribution platforms from Saturday, September 16th!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“Harumei” image album will be distributed on various music
distribution platforms from Saturday, September 16th!
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Kodansha Video Division has released a Harumei image album containing eight songs that won prizes at the Harumei Image Song Contest, co-sponsored by Eggs, which supports the music activities of indie and new artists. It will be distributed on various music distribution platforms from Saturday, September 16th.
■List of award-winning songs
Grand Prize: “Misakatan Girl” Blue*NatioN
Uri Amemiya Special Award “Forever” Akika Morita
Excellence Award “Kyunraise” Mykestra
Excellence Award “Davey Davy” ayaka
Excellence Award “Hotori” EndPine
Honorable Mention “Harurai” pale diary
Honorable Mention “Harumei” Mirin Iroha
Honorable Mention: “I’m heading towards the night sky and I’m going to see you again today” RINA
For the songs that won the Grand Prize and the Excellence Award, music videos in collaboration with manga are also being released on the YouTube channel “Full☆Anime TV”.
■Each song music video URL
Grand Prize: “Sweet carbonated girl” Blue*NatioN https://youtu.be/NtzSDKNGLVk Uri Amemiya Special Award “Forever” Akika Morita https://youtu.be/0X_ghKweThI Excellence Award “Kyunraise” My Kestra https://youtu.be/BuC7EkAm-4E Excellence Award “Davey Davy” ayaka https://youtu.be/w_A3vc6oleM Excellence Award “Hotori” EndPine https://youtu.be/j5uXKG7hdbE Full song playlist
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK6k_jC4_34BEQ4tz1Bg6uWkzrXoFixkS ▽Full☆Anime TV
The channel is also releasing a number of collaborative music videos for image songs, including “Pichi Pichi Pitch,” “Chihayafuru,” and “Ace of Diamond.”
▽Manga collaboration MV playlist
https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK6k_jC4_34DfEGUnz4YFmfR15aIe3afL ■“Harumei Uri Amemiya ILLUSTRATION-BOOK”
4 million likes by an overwhelmingly popular illustrator on SNS! obtained, A collection of illustrations depicting moments of pure love between childhood friends in a story style!
Due to popular demand, we are reprinting it! A book that includes a wealth of previously unpublished newly drawn episodes.
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■Series starts today! Harumei, the first comic by Uri Amemiya herself Starting today on the manga app Palcy, a comic adaptation of “Harumei” by Uri Amemiya herself will begin serialization. It will be updated every other Saturday.
My childhood friend Haruni, who is 10 years older than me, whom I met when I was young.
Before I knew it, my classmate and childhood friend, Ren, was by my side. A first love story full of heartwarming moments between two childhood friends and Mei Tachibana.
[Image 3

■What is Eggs?
“Eggs” (https://eggs.mu/) is a free music platform operated by Eggs Co., Ltd., where over 30,000 artists, mainly indie, and over 500,000 listeners have registered. .
We are developing “TOWER CLOUD” (https://towercloud.jp/) as a monetization support function for individual artists and indie music-related companies, and are providing support to major music distribution stores (DSPs) in Japan and overseas. We provide total support for artist activities, from distribution and YouTube monetization to CD production and sales contracts at Tower Records. More details about this release:

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