RESTAR LIMITED Shanghai Yanlong’s new RPG “Ash Echoes” has finally arrived in Japan! What is the ray tracing function that realizes overwhelming reality?

Shanghai Yanlong’s new RPG “Ash Echoes” has finally arrived in Japan! What is the ray tracing function that realizes overwhelming reality? …………………………………………………………………………………………………
The new smartphone game “Ash Echoes”, published by RESTAR LIMITED and the culmination of China’s top manufacturer Shanghai Candelyu, which worked on the Ancient Sword Kitan series, is scheduled to finally arrive in Japan in 2024! Of particular note is the
implementation of the latest technology, ray tracing, which is a hot topic in the industry. What exactly does it do?
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YouTube the OFF function is “OFF”, the background is flat, but by turning it “ON”, it becomes the floor and furniture. Light and shadow are reflected, creating depth and reality in the space. This overwhelming descriptive power is the appeal of ray tracing, and it creates the unique and beautiful worldview of Ash Echoes.
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■Implemented in many games such as “Cyberpunk 2077”! In films such as movies, ray tracing processing is performed on predetermined scenes, but in consumer games, the player’s viewpoint and characters are constantly moving, so processing must be done instantaneously. NVIDIA RTX has made it possible to perform real-time ray tracing, which was difficult to do with conventional GPUs. This game also uses NVIDIA RTX, the highest spec that has been used in many high-quality consumer games such as “Battlefield 2042,” “Minecraft,” and “Cyberpunk 2077.” . ■Although we are on the road to implementing a highly difficult game, ray tracing technology has only been introduced in games in the last few years, and there are still many hurdles to overcome before actually playing it. Achieving beautiful images in real time requires advanced computational processing, which inevitably increases the load on the GPU, making it difficult to play with the function always turned on. Therefore, in this work “Ash Echoes”, by making it compatible with NVIDIA’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), we succeeded in reducing the load on the GPU while maintaining a high frame rate. The entire development team has worked together through trial and error to ensure that players can enjoy high video quality and smooth play at the same time. ■There are many other noteworthy technologies! This work is also particular about delivering the best gaming experience to players, regardless of the device they are playing on, making it a game that can be fully enjoyed on both PC and smartphones. The PC version supports resolutions up to 4K and also includes ray tracing technology and DLSS3 technology. The smartphone version has TAA anti-aliasing implemented to improve graphic quality. Among these efforts, we are focusing on optimizing the screen for the smartphone version in order to deliver a sense of realism that is comparable to playing on a PC. It supports full version TAA
anti-aliasing, so it boasts movie-level image quality. That’s why, regardless of the playing device, UE4’s movie rendering pipeline is used to draw the “different core skill” animations of 6-star characters, and different fabrics such as nylon stockings and cotton cloth are drawn based on the BRDF function. You can feel the care that has been taken in recreating even the texture of the product. In addition, while significantly improving the compatibility of mobile terminals by expanding the range of compatible models, it also maintains the processing power of high-performance smartphones by lowering the rendering resolution using FSR technology. Creates a stress-free playing environment.
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