Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Torisetsu announced! ! We are announcing the grand prize candidate Torisetsu for the 2nd story of the Bandai Namco Pictures Collaboration Contest! !

Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
[Announcement of Torisetsu! ! ] We are announcing the grand prize candidate Torisetsu for the 2nd story of the Bandai Namco Pictures Collaboration Contest! !
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is pleased to announce that it has announced Torisetsu, a grand prize candidate for the 2nd BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Collaboration Contest.
2. “Shonen Detective Osukedan” (authored by Bochoo)
3. “Black History Rescue Team” (Author: Kiko Murasaki)
has been selected as the award for excellence among the candidates for the grand prize.
Ultimately, along with the announcement of the grand prize of the story, we will certify it as the grand prize of the trisetsu category in the form of moving up from the excellence prize to the story of the grand prize.
-“kakashi-doll ~ next-generation multi-functional small scarecrow”- It was interesting to see the point of view of disaster prevention in multiple senses, such as disaster prevention in the sense of protecting the lives of “plants” and “vegetables” from disasters, and disaster prevention in the sense of growing stockpiles of food in preparation for disasters. And it was wonderful that it expanded the setting with its own interpretation while suppressing the
characteristics of the design, and it was selected as a grand prize candidate.
If I dare to point out the regrettable point, by giving it a clear role, the feasibility and the degree of completion when viewed as Torisetsu have increased, but the place where it can be active is limited to fields and kitchen gardens. I felt that there was also an aspect that the spread as a story was restricted.
-“Boy Detective Help Group”-
The point of view of protecting “youth” from man-made disasters was interesting, and the level of setting and creativity was high. In terms of setting, the high degree of extensibility of the world view that can be expanded not only as a detective story and a mystery story, but also as a school story was an evaluation point.
As a disappointing point, in terms of the originality of the idea, there were some similarities to existing works, and it felt a little weak.
-“Black History Rescue Team”-
The idea of ​​protecting adolescent boys and girls from “black history,” which is a serious problem, was interesting. I feel that it is a unique and innovative subject that can be enjoyed as a teacher for boys and girls who are currently in adolescence, and adults who were adolescents can enjoy it while remembering their own adolescence and feeling a little bitter. I was.
As a regrettable point, the feasibility of commercialization is low in terms of setting. There are many abstract expressions and
psychological elements.
-Regarding qualifying entries-
Although we missed out on the grand prize candidates, we will publish the works that were well received in the selection process.
・ “Kojirase Eradication Rangers” (Banpeiyu)
・ “Magic Girl Firefighter Megumi” (Author: Kiko Murasaki)
・ “Time Travel Patrollers” (authored by Naruto Yajima (former: Lala Yajima))
・”Michishiru Vengers” (written by Pentagon)
・ “If there is a hole, join the corps” (Author, Madam A)
・”Damens Poipoi” (written by Kiko Murasaki)
・”Dream Egg Penguin” (written by Kiko Murasaki)
・ “Sachiare” (written by Nanoha)
・”Omoide Penguin” (written by Ryuko Satoko)
-Finally, to everyone who is going to write a story based on the grand prize candidate Torisetsu-
You will be asked to write a story on the theme of the three Torisetsu works that were nominated for the Grand Prize (Excellence Award) this time. Each Torisetsu has different elements, so I would appreciate it if you could write a story with a theme that suits the story you want to write, and take the opportunity to challenge a story in a genre that you have not written before. . Instead of incorporating all the elements presented in Torisetsu, I would like you to create a story with an awareness of how to spread it as a story and how to make it unique. For the uniqueness of the story, it might be a good idea to incorporate new disaster prevention goods that do not exist in Torisetsu.
We look forward to a positive and bright story that only you can draw! More details about this release:
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